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We support your business development and organizational growth

Increase Governance

Most organizations suffer from a lack of governance. We facility you to increase your ability to steer according to your objectives. We develop a performance management with you. Customized for you.

Facilate your staff

Your team is the most crucial resource of your organization. We help you to increase team collaboration and communication and increase leadership.

Develop Business Model

The business world changes rapidly. All Business Models need an evaluation and some update from time to time to prevent from disruptive processes

How to develop your organization?

Which challenges need to be addressed urgently?  |  How can you prepare your organisation for change?  |  What could be a vision for your organization in 30 years? |  Are management executives actually born or developed? |  Why does motivation also need desire?  |  Must change always hurt? |  Is there a common denominator of all reform efforts? |  Do we need even more reforms and even more IT modernisation? |  How can decentralised processes be coordinated in a centralised way? |  Who presumes to foresee the future? |  What is “customer friendliness”? |  How can a sustainable benefit for all stakeholders be reached? |  Which key performance indicators do you really need for monitoring and management control? |  Through which key figures can you control? |  What is a “reform dividend”?

  • Business Development
  • Corporate Performance
  • Leadership
  • Business Model Reshape
  • Open Innovation Management
  • Teams and Communication
  • Organizational Change
  • Project Management

Organizational development need direction and nutrification

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We are a consulting and business development company firm based in Freiburg, Germany. The company named “Governance One GmbH” offers professional services with a functional focus on strategy & business model development, transformation & change management, and innovation management.

As a consulting practice driven by business, science and pragmatism at the same time, G1 leads change and transformation within and across organisations. Continuous dialogue and co-development is an essential feature of our consultations, because successful change must be carried out in close cooperation with all stakeholders. Each consultation process should yield solutions tailored towards the specific situation, complex challenges, and context of involved parties. G1 therefore aims to develop context-specific, results-oriented, sustainable development and growth concepts with its clients, and facilitates programs for enhancing the organizational capabilities and corresponding staff competencies.

We have supported market assessments and organizational reviews, development of strategic and operational plans, and conceptualization and roll-out of transformation programs of research organizations, public sector entities and related agencies (e.g. KIT, DDZ, Stock Exchanges, Financial Regulators, GIZ, Städtetag, Staatsbibliothek). We maintain close links and interaction with academic and research organizations, in order to enable transfer of theory into lived business practices.